Sometimes a simple snapshot report just isn't enough. You need the ability to drill down many levels to get the specific information you are looking for. Our shipping report technology can generate up to eight standardized report categories, with hundreds of format options. This gives you the flexibility to select any or all categories for a close-up view of the data that is most requested in our reporting solution suite. Alternatively, you can create your own customized report that displays the information when and how you want it. Our shipping report technology is a web-based program that makes it easy to navigate while reports can be exported to MS Excel and Word and emailed, faxed or printed out.

Standardized Reports Available:

Transit Time Analysis — information on current status, delivery status and total transit time shipment data

POD Analysis — details on POD status, POD date and delivery notification information

Supply Chain Performance Metrics

Detail Charges Analysis — information on transportation and other shipment charges (for example, charges from origin door-to-destination or port/airport)

House Bill Analysis — information on airbill, air waybill category data

Purchasing Report — order status, calendaring dates, etc.

Warehouse Report — cycle times, inventory levels, etc.

Customs Clearance Report — duty by harmonized numbers, duties paid, drawback, etc.

Customized/Processed Reports — information on any items or metrics driven by you, our valued client

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