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North American distribution solutions for any shipping need

UTi is a single-source distribution provider that delivers ground freight solutions covering all facets of the shipping and distribution process. We create value for clients by providing full transportation and network optimization management services. Combining these resources with logistics expertise and experience to provide efficient fleet management services drives measurable results to your bottom line.

Our objective is to provide shippers with the right ground freight solutions to meet their diverse supply chain requirements. You will benefit from the flexibility of our network as we take care of each and every one of your needs.

UTI offers full shipment level visibility throughout the entire supply chain. Our service ensures that you know where your shipments are every step from origin to destination. We offer:

  • Mode and carrier selection
  • Shipment Optimization
  • Order consolidation
  • Track and trace
  • Inbound materials management & coordination
  • SKU level visibility
  • Supplier compliance
  • Expertise at securing carrier capacity
  • Freight Bill Audit and Payment
  • Assistance with your KPI reporting requirements

UTi's experienced team of professionals offers you solutions that include:

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