Manage vendors, orders 24/7 to keep your supply chain moving

Vendor Management provides an extended team and technology platform to manage your vendors and their orders. By leveraging our global network, UTi team members are available 24/7 to work with your vendors in their local languages and ensure they meet your pre-defined performance expectations.

Vendor Management Services Provider

Service components include:

  • Easy integration through EDI with our client's order/ERP systems
  • Compliance to pre-defined order milestones, including cargo ready date, latest shipping date and/or required on-site date
  • Compliance with applicable transport related regulatory requirements
  • Configurable vendor performance criteria and reporting
  • Compliance with client defined order shipping authorization criteria
  • Manual data capture of P.O. details

Benefits include:

  • Avoiding costly investments in people and technology
  • Reducing information delays and miscommunications by using 24/7 service in local language
  • Identifying potential issues through local market knowledge
  • Monitoring and reporting on vendor compliance facilitating faster, fact-based resolution
  • Reducing the risk of potential supply chain disruption through early visibility

Vendor Management Supply Chain Flow

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