uOptimize is a customizable automated program developed by UTi that helps you streamline your shipping activities by:

  • Plugging into a state-of-the art optimization technology without making the up-front software investment or losing control of shipment execution
  • Reducing freight spend through better load planning, shipment consolidation and asset utilization

You simply provide your shipment's requirements, preferred carriers, transit times, and negotiated rates and uOptimize creates your best load plans. Just send your shipment specifics and UTi will review the data and recommend ways you can optimize your shipments. Then you execute these actions on your own.

With uOptimize, you have a partner who can offer guidance and oversight while you steer your shipments where and when you need them delivered. If you can benefit from a systemic approach to optimizing shipments, UTi will work with you to find the best transportation strategy to meet your requirements.