Local or regional solutions using the most cost-effective equipment configuration

UTi focuses on your individual requirements, utilizing the most cost-effective configuration of equipment. We can develop surface solutions for specific local and regional markets for high-security products; peak season transportation; and continuous process improvements. Our distribution professionals can be part of a total logistics solution designed to deliver competitive advantage to your supply chain.

Truckload (TL)

UTi's truckload service (TL) provides the capacity, reliability, and economy shippers depend on to deliver products when and where they need them throughout the USA and Canada. UTi has many valued TL customers, some with relationships greater than 20 years.

Our dedicated fleet includes straight trucks, vans, and shuttles to facilitate any TL shipping need regardless of industry or load type. UTi can develop over-the-road solutions for specific local and regional markets, for special circumstances, uninterrupted cool chains and peak season transportation.

UTi understands that key components to your success are efficiency and on time performance. Our Dedicated service provides what you need, where and when you need it. Whether you require specific one-way milk runs or two-way closed loop service, UTi can deliver for you.

UTi has expertise in many vertical markets including, Consumer/Retail, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace and Projects. Our on-line tools make it easy to maintain control through every step of the transaction. Whether your need for dedicated trucking is monthly, weekly, daily or one-time only, UTi will craft the right solution to meet your needs.

Specialized Transportation

Heavy haul transportation requires experience, whether it's local or national. UTi leverages its variety of equipment resources and transportation expertise to provide you with tailor made transportation plans and then executes accordingly. UTi's expertise includes moving over-dimensional and heavy haul, flatbed/step deck trucking; handling regulatory requirements; and due diligence, including licenses, permits and escorts. We also offer rigging, crane operation service, and project move management utilizing our in-house state direct permit department to further ensure all facets of your heavy haul move are handled correctly.

We utilize all types of equipment to accommodate freight of all sizes weight and length. Whether it's moving over-dimensional and heavy-haul, flatbed/step deck trucking or handling regulatory due diligence, including licenses, permits and escorts, we can manage your shipment from origin to final destination.


UTi's ability to mix and match modes per unique time-to-market constraints, manage exchanges between transportation providers, and provide visibility from origin to destination lets you take advantage of mode alternatives without assuming greater risk.

Through our established relationships with major railroads and drayage companies, UTi can convert truck to rail providing you with lower cost, highly reliable intermodal services. Our technology complements this by providing cost, transit time, and route analyses, as well as total visibility across modes, to ensure you get the most out of your intermodal opportunities.

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