Managed Solutions

Taking control of your freight activity is crucial to obtaining the best price/value package you receive from your carriers. UTi looks at the big picture and can optimize a shipper's traffic patterns by utilizing our various transportation solutions to better meet service needs, all while staying cost-effective.

Given the complexities of managing over-the-road shipments, companies are at a competitive disadvantage if they don't have a transportation management system to optimize orders and freight movements. Without adequate resources, shippers are often left with a limited view of their transportation opportunities as capacity shifts, rates vary, and shipping schedules and product mixes change. This means opportunities to streamline load planning, consolidate moves, and reduce transportation costs may be left on the table.

Our operational experience enables us to create value for our clients by utilizing a wide range of equipment. From flatbeds to reefers to vans, UTi has the geographic coverage, equipment and the expertise to provide solutions to satisfy your specific requirements. The primary objective of every solution we design is to provide efficient shipment management that drives measurable bottom-line value.

Inbound Freight Management

Managing your inbound freight moves can be overwhelming if not done correctly. UTi has the experience to simplify the management of your inbound materials management and coordination process.

We begin with identifying your vendor base, including their locations, volumes, frequency and current carrier mix. We then analyze your freight terms and help you determine what you are paying and then work to develop an effective routing guide and implement it with your vendors on compliance. The key to a successful inbound freight management program is planning, visibility, execution and control. UTi can be an effective business partner in helping you achieve your inbound freight management goals.

Outbound Freight Management

One of the key cornerstones of any company is the control of their outbound freight. An effective outbound freight management process and save both money and time while assuring that there are not roadblocks to the supply chain.

There are multiple facets to accomplishing a truly effective outbound logistics plan. At UTi we review your client order fulfillment commitments, your product mix, and your current plans to help determine where improvements can be made. Consolidation, warehousing, and alternate ship days are just a few of the many solutions that might be right for your business. Working together we can design a solution for you that satisfies your needs today and has room for your future needs as well.

Order Management

At UTi we realize that based on today's highly competitive environment clients must be able to coordinate production schedules, delivery commitments and carrier schedules. UTi offers the flexibility to follow the progress of components from vendors to manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses to final delivery.

Your logistics process can be viewed and managed throughout the entire process, necessary adjustments can be made, and satisfaction delivered to your final client location.

Network Engineering

Changes in global sourcing patterns, shifting consumer demographics, and fluctuating fuel prices require flexible distribution networks that can sense and respond to variability. Making sure partners operate in sync is critical to achieving economies of scale as well as improving service and quality levels. Whether it's sustaining a longer-term market shift, or designing a comprehensive supply chain network, our experienced logistic engineers can design a solution that streamlines freight movement and reduces distribution costs across your entire network.

UTi will analyze, create, design, implement, maintain and review all aspects of your transportation process to ensure that all aspects are also performing to maximum capabilities. We ensure that your goods are all transported in a safe, economical and environmentally compatible manner.

As part of your dedicated account team we are staffed with experienced, industry specific, logistics engineers who will review your overall network, identify changes in shipping patterns and customer locations and provide continuous improvement plan support that will result in a step-level change in cost and/or service. Join our satisfied client partners and let us develop a comprehensive Transportation Management program for you.

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