Effective, visible processes
and measured performance

Continuous Improvement

UTi is highly dependent on continuous supply chain process improvement and KPI visibility to further client relationships. UTi's Supply Chain Design & Innovation (SDi) team frequently engages with clients to apply the same techniques to clients’ customers, suppliers and internal supply chain processes. These solutions include:

Supply Chain Risk Management

Process Analysis and Reengineering

UTi is uniquely positioned to leverage its own team of Six Sigma black belts, security experts, Lean process engineers and Quality professionals to advise clients. SDi collaborates and deploys UTi subject matter experts to uncover continuous improvement opportunities across our client’s supply chains.

Project / Program Management

SDi engages with clients to outline, prioritize and manage portfolios of ongoing improvement initiatives. The governance approach ensures that the planned value is captured and tracked over time.

Metric and KPI Development

SDi uses the SCOR®methodology to help clients understand which metrics should be measuring supply chain performance, and which of those metrics should be true “KPIs.”

1Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) model is the product of Supply Chain Council (SCC)

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