Europe, Middle East and North Africa

 Schoten Antwerp 8 km
 Warsaw (WAW) airport 3 km
 Senec (BTS) airport 20 km, (VIE) airport 60 km
 Alovera A2, (MAD) airport 35 km
 Barcelona (Rubi) AP7 and A2 highways, (BCN) airport 25 km, (ESBCN) sea port 27 km
 Cabanillas RS, (MAD) airport 50 km
 Valencia (VLC) airport 5 km, (ESVLC) sea port 25 km
 Vitoria (VIT) airport 5 km
 Tuzla (SAW) airport 13 km, (TREYU) sea port 28 km, (TRDRC) sea port 39 km, Gebze automotive customs 19 km
 United Kingdom  
 Milton Keynes off the M1, (LHR) airport 45 minutes

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