Demand and Supply Planning

Demand Planning and Product Lifecycle Management

Our advanced supply chain forecasting team is able to improve upon client forecasts by 5-10% points in weighted average forecast error within the first 6-12 months. Our demand planning and new product forecasting services include:

  • Demand forecast creation and assessment on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Seasonality, non-recurring events & product lifecycle information management
  • Multiple-demand or distribution point planning (multi-echelon) and product allocation
  • SKU or part supersessions and new product forecasting and planning

Supply Planning and Replenishment Optimization

UTi's supply chain segmentation methodology enables our highly automated, advanced planning systems and manual exception management capabilities. Our daily focus on SKU level demand or supply changes allow clients to focus on supplier management, customer service and strategy instead of order quantities and data mining.

Inventory Replenishment Optimization Activities

  • Classify, group and prioritize products or items according to demand
  • Perform daily audit and policy reset on optimal stock min/max and service levels
  • Provide KPIs covering availability, excess & obsolescence and other client specific needs

Supply Planning Strategy

  • Create ideal supply chain model of suppliers
  • Conduct daily re-set of inventory min/max & policy details
  • Measure lead time consistency (promise to actual variance)
  • Manage recommended order levels, MOQs, ROQs

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