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UTi Pharmaceutical + Healthcare: delivering a healthy supply chain

UTi's pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain expertise spans every major global market. One of our guiding principles is to maintain operational processes that meet or exceed industry standards, as outlined in USP 1079: Good Storage and Shipping Practices, IATA Chapter 17 and PDA Technical Report 39. This attention to detail coupled with a process-oriented Quality Management System (QMS) allows UTi to meet the stringent pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain requirements of manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and repackagers. Each of these parties has come to rely on our knowledgeable and professionally trained staff to maintain product integrity, efficacy, and purity across the entire distribution channel – from manufacturer to patient.

Services with the right temperature for success

One of the most critical success factors resides in our recognition of the importance of strict monitoring controls for all processes affecting the storage and transportation of temperature-controlled products.

Third Party Logistics

Guided by our dedicated staff and built on a foundation of quality, our temperature management processes include "cold chain" training and staff accreditation, routine auditing, including carrier compliance, and the development of configured technology solutions that provide visibility throughout the product's transportation life cycle.

Consistent with our configured approach in developing client-centric solutions, UTi's temperature management solutions utilize client collaboration in developing operational protocols that identify the requisite handling requirements based on a product's monograph, value, transport lane and level of required contingency plans — so that our clients rest easy knowing that UTi is diligently watching over their life-saving shipments.

Maintaining the "right temperature for success," at the right cost, is our only option.

Service Enablers

  • Carrier qualification and process auditing
  • Documented temperature management processes
  • Monitoring devices: temperature, humidity and security
  • Client/product/lane specific protocols
  • KPIs – driving quantified value of our solution
  • Security infrastructure and procedures
  • Business continuity planning for contingency and disaster recovery
  • Supply chain visibility tools
  • Facility infrastructure
  • Event management alerting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Training certification/accreditation programs

Cool Chain Packaging Options

  • Active container systems
  • Dry ice, gel pack, PCM (Phase Changing Material) packaging
  • Pallet shippers
  • UTi's multi-layer pallet wrap
  • Kryotrans containers
  • UTainer – proprietary UTi passive package
  • In-house testing and validation services

Quality Management Process

  • GxP – Good Practices
    • GdP – Good Distribution Practice
    • GamP – Good Automated Manufacturing Practice
    • GmP – Good Manufacturing Practice
    • GsP – Good Storage Practice
  • Continuous Improvement Processes
  • Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • In-house validation testing
  • Internal (UTi operations) and external (carrier partner) audits

Regulating the process for your benefit

UTi is cognizant of the cost impact that regulatory changes — particularly in temperature control — have on pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chains. By staying current on these changes through participation in industry-recognized conferences and by maintaining an active role in advisory boards specific to packaging and temperature/humidity monitoring devices, UTi takes pride in being able to offer cost-effective, reliable solutions to our clients.

Our packaging engineers have tested and introduced various levels of both active and passive temperature-controlled packaging, from our Multi-layer Pallet Wrap for 22°C protection to our smaller UTainers that are designed, tested and manufactured in-house.

We manage regulatory compliance, temperature, transportation, storage, and your specific requirements — all for your supply chain.

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