Take control of your supply chain from order to final delivery using UTi's Order Visibility

Order Visibility provides a single platform to capture and view global purchase order related information from all parties across your supply chain. By leveraging our global operations and technology infrastructure, and integrating our Order Visibility services with our air, ocean and ground transportation services, you also receive real-time updates to orders as they ship, all the way to delivery.

By viewing updates as they occur, you're able to take control of your supply chain and make dynamic changes to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Supply Chain Order Visibilit

Service components include:

  • Visibility to purchase orders in transit
  • Visibility to parts/SKUs in transit including codes, quantity and container number
  • Visibility to part/SKU details, including cartons, dimensions, weight and invoice value
  • Multi-attribute SKU definitions (style, color, size, barcode, etc.)
  • Role-specific views of orders and inventory movements
  • Supplier document and regulatory compliance
  • Configurable exception management

Benefits include:

  • Avoiding costly investments in people and technology
  • Providing better customer service
  • Optimizing inbound logistics functions through better visibility and control of upstream activities
  • Staging, rerouting and prioritizing order shipping by having detailed container packing visibility
  • Capturing details around container and capacity utilization that can be used to optimize shipping costs
  • Reducing working capital by having better visibility of products/product values

Order Visibility Services Product Flow

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