Order Routing Management Services

UTi's Order Routing services provide you with a global infrastructure and technology platform that connects to vendors seamlessly, then electronically routes orders via UTi's Order Management portal. You're provided access to an electronic B2B channel that, until now, has not been possible using traditional ERP systems architected for a single enterprise.

Supply Chain Solutions for Order Mangement

Service components include:

  • EDI integration for easy order transmission
  • Order routing to vendors via web or email
  • Order transmission as PDF (or other image formats)
  • Online order receipt and acceptance from vendors
  • Order revision management
  • Vendor training
  • Non-compliance measurement

Benefits include:

  • Reducing costs by avoiding investments in people and technology
  • Improving vendor performance by using a standard process that can be measured and tracked
  • Reducing the challenges of integrating with new and existing suppliers by leveraging UTi's processes and technology
  • Improving efficiency by reducing internal email and paper-based activities with online, auditable processes
  • Reducing resource overhead by leveraging off of UTi's locally based training and support services

Order Routing Product Flow

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