Air and Ocean Charter Desks Streamline Service for Clients

To streamline client service delivery by consolidating and leveraging our expertise, UTi recently announced the launch of a global air charter desk (GACD) in Amsterdam and a global ocean charter desk (GOCD) in Houston.

"The GACD is staffed by a well-rounded team with global charter procurement and operations experience working with our regional air leaders," says Jerry Trimarco, UTi Vice President, Global Air. "To speed service for clients, the team has already developed a multitude of airline charter relationships and agreements. We've also implemented a set of standard tools and processes to make the experience smooth and efficient for clients."

Industry expertise

In a similar move, UTi has established a GOCD in Houston that works with regional desks around the world. Christian Boettcher, UTi Vice President, Global Ocean, says the benefits include "consistent practice and alignment, as well as minimizing risk for UTi and our clients." The move also enables faster and more efficient service for clients in time-sensitive industries, such as energy, mining and projects.

Collaborating with the global hub in Houston, regional ocean charter desks have been established in Amsterdam, Johannesburg and Singapore as these are major centers for gas and oil exploration, drilling, mining and large projects construction. Each desk is manned by subject matter experts who understand the special needs of these industries and will help drive improved purchasing power for ocean charters by establishing stronger global and regional partnerships with key ship owners in the ocean chartering and bulk shipping markets.

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