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Delivering Better Lives

Delivering Better Lives, the UTi charitable foundation, was pleased recently to complete its third school construction project in Vietnam. Like the nearly 100 other education, health care and community support projects that DBL has undertaken around the world since its founding in 2006, the new school in Tra Vinh Province combines direct involvement and efficient investment by DBL combined with the support of local community and UTi team members to meet a pressing need.

In Tra Vinh, the challenge is that many children are not born in hospitals, do not receive birth certificates, and therefore are not eligible for public education or other governmental support. Add to this the fact that the community is economically disadvantaged and survives mainly on subsistence farming, fishing and harvesting, and it's not surprising that education -- and the children's future economic opportunities -- are often sacrificed.

UTi Vietnam team members, led by airfreight manager Thao Huynh, decided to do something about it. In addition to building the school, UTi and several business partners have donated food, clothing, school supplies and toys to the local children, and the school building itself also has been used to provide free free health checks and medicine donated by area doctors.

The school "will not only provide formal education for the children, but give them a chance in life that they previously never had," says DBL Executive Director Glenn Mills.

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