UTi Charitable Foundation Supports Children in Peru

Delivering Better Lives

Everyone knows the importance of getting a healthy start in life. With adequate nutrition and health care, children are better able to learn and develop to their full potential. That is why Delivering Better Lives, the UTi charitable foundation, is pleased to support an innovative program for young children in rural Peru.

DBL has partnered over the past year with the Peruvian non-profit organization Kusimayo to aid kindergarteners in the Puno mountain district. The people of Puno live in extreme weather conditions in the high Andes, and many rely on subsistence farming. Malnutrition and health issues are common.

To give the next generation a head start, DBL and Kusimayo focused on kindergartens, where a number of services could be delivered. In addition to improving physical facilities, upgrading kitchens and supplying new furnishings and other equipment, DBL has helped provide daily breakfasts to the children and training programs to help their mothers learn to prepare more nutritious meals at home.

DBL has also helped to provide health and hygiene kits to the families of Puno, as well as basic educational materials and supplies to enable the schools to better develop their children's potential. Like the nearly 100 other education, health care and community support projects that DBL has undertaken around the world since its founding in 2006, the program in Puno is aimed at providing a strong foundation that local leaders and organizations like Kusimayo can build on to make a difference in their own communities.

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