Delivering Better Lives

UTi Charitable Foundation Helps Kids in Philippines

Five years ago, DBL worked with the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation in the Philippines to construct a community center in Manggahan Village near Manila. Since then, the center has become the focus of activities in the community, including a kindergarten program that DBL has supported since the building of the center.

Each year, a new group of young children begins their educational journey here, and each year a new group moves on to primary school.

The end-of-year ceremony is very important to the children, their families and the entire community, and we are happy to share some photographs of the latest graduation ceremony in March.

Sixth Annual Fundraiser Aids Children's Center

UTi team members once again joined forces in the company's annual Walkathon to raise money and awareness for Delivering Better Lives. As in past years, the May event saw UTi teams around the world walking, jogging and even eating bugs to raise funds. While the final tally is yet to be completed, preliminary estimates show this year's Walkathon to have matched past efforts.

Funds from the sixth annual event will go to support the San Jorge Children's Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which provides meals, activities, counseling and other support to disadvantaged families. DBL has committed to rebuilding the center so it can improve and expand its services. We're proud of the support our employees provide each year via the Walkathon and year-round in many other ways to support DBL projects. Well done, team!

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