We are Back as a Client-Led Company

A message from UTi CEO Ed Feitzinger

To Our Valued Clients,

Throughout most of UTi's history, we have defined ourselves as a client-led, client-focused company. This focus is what rocketed the company from a small forwarder to one of the top global players. Even our recent transformational efforts were intended to meet the challenges of the future by building a stronger foundation, better information, and better tools for our teams and you to manage your information.

At some point in the last few years, and mostly in our freight forwarding business, our internal transformation efforts caused us to focus internally. Well-intentioned efforts to improve our effectiveness instead dissipated ownership for client issues across too many teams. As with any company changing with the times, we had turnover in our staff, some of it unwanted, some of it required, to make sure our leaders could manage in today's low-margin, high-expectation environment.

Going forward, we are back as a client-led company. We're focused on the client, and focused on the development of a unique set of geographic and industry capabilities that set us apart from the crowded field of "me-too" players. We recognize that some of you want to buy from us globally across all our services. Other clients want to buy only one service, or buy services only in a single country. We also acknowledge that we will only continue to earn your trust and your business year after year by being a great forwarder, warehouseman, trucker or niche service provider.

There are new faces in some senior roles, including mine. The wise guidance of our founders is helping us with this journey. By necessity, we have reorganized the company to ensure that our people can focus on the client in a bureaucracy-free workplace, where our funds are spent on sales people and the front-line people that touch your products and your information. The UTi people who matter most to you are my focus, and your needs are their focus.

We look forward to the opportunity to support your business this year and for many years to come. Thank you for being a valued client of UTi.

Warm regards,

Ed Feitzinger, CEO
UTi Worldwide

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