March 29, 2001

UTi Worldwide Enhances uWarehouse Service to give Customers Real-Time Visibility of Inventory Worldwide.

The uWarehouse offering, based upon the EXceedTM 4000 product from EXE Technologies (Nasdaq:EXEE), allows UTi to provide state-of-the-art fulfillment and distribution services for customers that have global requirements. The EXE Technologies software product was selected for its ability to integrate into UTi's existing supply chain software called eMpower, combined with EXE's capability and worldwide support. The system runs on regionally based UNIX servers from Hewlett-Packard utilizing Oracle as the database and allows UTi to leverage its existing network infrastructure.

According to Rick Anchan, senior vice president of global processes for UTi, "There are several areas in which the new systems' capabilities will help us provide additional value to our customers. The high level of integration available helps us improve picking and placing productivity. Combined with our uAnalyze system, uWarehouse performance measurement tools document the additional value that we are providing to our customers."

Anchan continued, "We have the ability to support a global implementation that makes it possible for us to achieve a high level of integration throughout our global warehouse network. Our system allows us to provide real-time visibility of inventory in the supply chain, whether the product is in motion or at rest. We believe the complete slate of eMpower systems are unique in the global marketplace as a set of tools to help customers lower overall supply chain costs while improving service."

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UTi Worldwide Inc. is a global, non-asset based supply chain management business providing supply chain logistics services and planning and optimization solutions. The company's services include freight forwarding, customs brokerage and warehousing services such as the coordination of shipping and the storage of raw materials, supplies, components and finished goods. Through its supply chain planning and optimization services, the company assists clients in designing and implementing systems that improve the predictability and visibility and reduce the overall cost of their supply chains. The company has a global and diverse business customer base ranging from large multinational enterprises to smaller local businesses. For more information about the company visit its Web site at .

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