Less Than Load Ocean Freight

Delivering value with every shipment

UTi's LCL (Less than Container Load) ocean freight service provides you an alternative to FCL and airfreight: you don't need to wait for a full container to send your goods and you don't need to use airfreight service if the delivery of your goods can wait.

Less Than Load Ocean Freight

UTi's LCL shipping solutions allow you to reduce inventory costs quicker, decrease the risk of obsolescence sooner, and you will benefit from greater control, higher security and better visibility while your shipments are on the water.

With UTi's LCL solutions, you'll receive:

  • Direct or maximum one-stop routings which ensure reliability and fast transit times
  • Access to more than 1,000 sailings a week
  • Shipper's consolidation
  • Buyer's consolidation
  • Standard consolidation services

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