KPI Reporting and Collaboration

UTi's real time inventory Supply Chain KPI Reporting enables exception management and collaboration with customers and suppliers. Clients receive real-time data available over the web to analyze, interpret and share across their teams. Our clients depend heavily on UTi's ability to generate custom, supply chain visualization reporting.

Some of the most common inventory KPIs and reporting we provide clients include:

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting: Forecast Accuracy, MAPE (Mean absolute percentage error)
  • Overall Planning/Inventory Performance: Stock on Hand, Excess Stock Analysis, Shortfall Stock, Availability, Fill Rate. Inventory reporting is by SKU.
  • Client Specific Reports: To get a sense of the breadth of reporting available we are able to provide a sample client "sandbox" upon request to prospective clients.

Supply chain visualization facilitates rapid exception management and cross-functional collaboration for inventory optimization decision-making.

Sample Inventory Reporting and Visualization in Tableau Software

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