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Inventory Optimization

UTi operates a fully integrated demand planning, supply chain inventory optimization and replenishment planning service on behalf of clients as part of its Supply Chain Design and Innovation (SDi) team. Our team is comprised of statisticians, advanced forecasting specialists, database engineers and supply chain consultants who have deep industry and functional expertise. We create competitive advantage for our clients' supply chains by deploying our unique Inventory Optimization capabilities, particularly in multi-echelon environments.

UTi's Inventory Optimization clients benefit from the 4 primary capabilities of our service portfolio.

External Expertise in Advanced Forecasting and Demand Planning

  • UTi provides highly specialized advanced multi-echelon planning skills so that clients can focus on their core business.
  • The Inventory Optimization team consists of statisticians, forecasting professionals, database programmers, supply chain consultants & finance specialists.
  • UTi's Inventory Optimization team is allocated both as client specific (e.g. daily planning, reporting, analysis) to develop deep client knowledge, and multi-client (technical support, monthly forecasting, etc.) to share infrastructure and overhead.

Transparent Reporting on Suppliers and Sales Performance

  • UTi is able to transform a client's supply chain data into visualized business intelligence that will facilitate both upstream and downstream collaboration with regard to demand planning, inventory performance and supplier performance.
  • UTi tracks inventory KPIs and creates reports for collaboration over the web for on-demand delivery.

Advanced Planning Technology

  • Our Inventory Optimization group operates Advanced Planning Software with both rules based and linear programming functionality in multi-echelon distribution environments.
  • The software can be configured to the industry and to meet the needs of each individual client.

Process and Quality Control

  • UTi constantly monitors purchasing against recommended orders to measure deviations.
  • Deviations are addressed and business intelligence is continually incorporated to improve performance.
  • UTi's balance between automation and daily manual analysis will enable the client to manage SKU lifecycles and inventory performance of its active parts on a daily basis.

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