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Inventory Management Solutions (IMS)

UTi's warehouse inventory management solutions create tangible value for our clients by managing the inbound flow of inventory from multiple suppliers and holding that inventory until it is needed. UTi is involved in supplier management and order processing and can hold our clients' inventory for them, making it immediately available only when they actually need it. At that point, our clients pay on consumption. Clients leveraging this solution are averaging 10-30% in savings.


Inventory Management

The key to successful supply chain execution is planning. Our experienced planners work with our clients' production, procurement and engineering teams to determine the Bill of Materials and the suppliers identified to be part of our warehouse inventory management program. The planners are dedicated to the client site and work as an integral part of the clients' operations ensuring that UTi understands the production requirements, the engineering sensitivities and the procurement constraints in the supply chain. The planners drive the replenishment demand and also work closely with the client to optimize the inventories held without impacting the service levels. Typically our planners are able to increase service levels and reduce inventory.


UTi purchases the items from the designated suppliers and funds the purchases internally. UTi, in conjunction with the client, works to qualify alternative suppliers, purchase directly from qualified and certified original part manufacturers, and aggregate volumes to deliver material cost savings to our clients. UTi places the purchase orders, manages the confirmation, and ensures the shipment occurs on time and as planned.


UTi ensures the right parts in the right quantity are shipped on time and arrive on time. UTi leverages our global reach to ensure transportation costs are minimized and aggregates shipments where possible to drive efficiencies for our clients.


Timely replenishment is critical to ensuring good parts are available for production lines. UTi closely manages the MAX, MIN and Reorder Points and uses specialized algorithms to optimize inventory levels, and reduce Zero Bins. UTi offers Kan Ban and Breadman solutions as well.


High Tech manufacturing utilizes very expensive specialized equipment. Where there are possibilities to repair and refurbish parts, UTi has the expertise to manage these processes. UTi manages the RMA processes, the shipment of the parts to the OEM or certified third party, and ensures there is adequate stock of repaired parts on hand to support the manufacturing line's requirements.

Why UTi?

UTi delivers value by reducing costs, complexity, and working capital. UTi's clients enjoy reduced material costs, transaction costs, and inventory levels. UTi consolidates the supplier base, improves service levels, and reduces administration. Finally, our clients pay for their goods when they consume them, freeing up important working capital, and reducing their cash to cash cycle.

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