• Automotive Logistics


    UTi automotive solutions designed with one single focus: the client. We speak your language.

  • Retail Industry Supply Chain Management

    Consumer + Retail

    From suppliers to the store shelf: UTi delivers consumer-driven supply chain solutions.

  • Supply Chain Technology Solutions


    UTi delivers responsive supply chain solutions for the most demanding high-tech companies.

  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


    Product integrity, strength, quality, and purity across the entire distribution channel, that's the promise of UTi Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare.

  • Chemical Industry Supply Chain


    When compromise isn't an option – look to UTi to deliver the very best solutions for your Chemical needs.

Experience. Knowledge. Expertise. Supply chain solutions designed for your industry.

UTi develops global integrated supply chain solutions for clients in a variety of industry verticals. With 310 offices and 230 logistics centers in 59 countries, we provide a client-centric focus that delivers an enterprise touch wherever our clients operate around the globe. Our industry focus combined with our passion for supply chain ensures our clients are surrounded by experts who can deliver world-class solutions with quantified value.

Automotive Logistics


We utilize our global network, information technology, transportation partners and expertise to deliver competitive advantage to your automotive supply chain.

Fashion and Apparel Supply Chain

Fashion + Apparel

UTi provides consulting, implementation and operations expertise in addition to developing industry-specific solutions that address changing trends in the marketplace.

Retail Industry Supply Chain Management

Consumer + Retail

In the fast-moving and complex world of consumer and retail, UTi's supply chain solutions deliver where and when you need them.

Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain

Aerospace + Defense

Customized, end-to-end, global logistics solutions allow our government and defense clients real-time SKU tracking anytime, anywhere.

Supply Chain Technology Solutions


UTi's high-tech team provides the tools you need to enable collaboration across the supply chain.

Industrial Supply Chain and Manufacturing Logistics

Industrial + Manufacturing

UTi understands that the complexity of the industrial and manufacturing marketplace requires sophisticated supply chain solutions that work.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical + Healthcare

We offer a robust suite of supply chain services that provide end-to-end solutions for our pharmaceutical and healthcare clients.

Energy and Mining Logistics Projects

Energy, Mining + Projects

The UTi energy, mining and projects supply chain team designs, implements and executes specialized solutions that enable our clients to deliver their precious shipments on time and within budget.

Chemical Industry Supply Chain


Our Chemical team routinely develops, implements and executes supply chain solutions that exceed the most stringent and complex client requirements.

Cruise Logistics

Marine + Hospitality

Our dedicated team and specialized solutions for the cruise industry empower our clients to deliver the ultimate cruise experience to their customers.

Other Verticals


UTi understands that the complexities of multiple other industries such as consumer + retail, fashion + apparel, aerospace + defense, and many more.