Supply chain
design that
balances cost,
service and risk

Design and Optimization

Our Supply Chain Design and Innovation (SDi) consultants have in-depth functional and industry experience and will work with your team to design and optimize the supply chain. Our supply chain optimization solutions include:

Network Optimization

Detailed modeling and scenario analyses can uncover optimal warehouse/distribution locations, import/export gateways, and sourcing recommendations. SDi clients receive an analysis that considers growth, variations in product lines/types, SKU level demand, seasonality, and other factors.

Inventory Optimization (Proprietary Inventory by Design Methodology)

UTi is a leading provider of inventory optimization services and technology to clients around the world. SDi's hands on, continual approach goes beyond software by helping clients continually assess and update inventory policies, set optimize order quantities and forecast lead times based on superior demand planning, linear programming, and optimization algorithms. learn more

Transportation & Distribution Optimization

Incremental negotiations with logistics service providers will return marginally less savings over time. SDi enables clients to unlock larger supply chain optimization opportunities by designing consolidation, carrier rationalization, mode optimization and other transportation solutions.

Warehouse Optimization

SDi identifies improvements in clients' warehouses and distribution centers through facility design, process improvement, and warehouse management systems (WMS) improvements.

Green Solutions

SDi takes a pragmatic approach to measuring a client's carbon footprint, using the proprietary EcoTool model. Our methodology is based on the World Resources Institute's GHG Protocol, and is organized in three phases: calculate, optimize and manage.

Packaging Optimization

Container or pallet utilization, particularly for non-finished goods, is not only dependent on load configuration, but also packaging of actual components. SDi can assess space wasted per part and supplier and assist in negotiating supplier changes such as repacking or preparing goods prior to transport.

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