Order Management

Managing your shipments from P.O. to final delivery

In today's competitive global marketplace, companies can't waste time sourcing suppliers or waiting for information on the status of their shipment orders. You need all your information at the tip of your fingers throughout the entire supply chain, and UTi offers you this capability through our order management supply chain solutions.

Supply Chain Order Management

Our Order Routing and Vendor Management Services allow you to heighten connectivity with your suppliers, ensure compliance and manage your orders without the investment in resources or expensive technology. With our order management supply chain solutions, we provide multiple channels for you to track your orders, not only by P.O. number, but by SKU, product attribute, part number, consignee number, container number, warehouse number or any reference number you choose. This means you'll have increased flexibility to track orders in your extended supply chain before they're completed and shipped. You can follow the progress of the components from any number of vendors to your manufacturing facilities, your distribution warehouses and on to final delivery.

Because our order management services are outsourced integrated solutions that tie together customers, vendors & UTi transportation services, they provide Order Routing, Vendor Management and Order Visibility platforms to manage global sourcing and logistics at a local level. You use our global infrastructure and personnel to source information across geographies and vendors, reducing the need to place resources in each locale.

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