Working to preserve our planet

Enviromental Sustainability

thinkgreen – UTi's environmental action plan

UTi has long been conscious of the potential implications of our business activities on the environment and concerned about supporting sustainability. Since 2008, these values have guided the effort we call UTi thinkgreen.

Our purpose

UTi thinkgreen seeks to help preserve our planet for generations to come by working collaboratively with our clients, suppliers, and team members to make sustainable and valuable supply chain services and solutions a reality without cost tradeoffs.

Our objectives

To achieve our purpose, we have established the following objectives to focus our efforts. These objectives serve as the basis on which we are creating solutions for our clients, developing new options with our suppliers, and fostering engagement with our team members:

  • Develop green services and solutions to facilitate our clients' sustainability goals
  • Actively develop our internal green capabilities
  • Balance our actions so that our approach makes business sense
  • Document our green initiatives so that we may aid others in their efforts
  • Conduct research to stay current on regulations and market trends
  • Do the right thing

Our activities

  • Providing to all clients a report that calculates emissions for each shipment including pre- and on-carriage movements based on distance, weight and transport mode
  • Conducting client carbon footprint calculations utilizing our proprietary UTi ECOTool based on the GHG protocol standards. With this tool, we can calculate the carbon emissions associated with any UTi service – including all transportation modes and warehousing activities
  • Integrating sustainability into UTi's global ISO 9001 effort and implementing ISO 14001 in some locations
  • Building internal knowledge repositories to document and leverage UTi's global sustainability best practices
  • Leveraging our U.S. EPA partnership to reduce miles and fuel consumption for our clients
  • Expanding our network and route optimization capabilities to analyze and report the green impact of various scenarios for clients
  • Working with our clients to identify opportunities to establish LEED-certified buildings (we operate the largest LEED-certified distribution center in the U.S.)

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