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Delivering Better Lives — A UTi Foundation

Graduation Day Tshabalala Primary School South Africa

Graduation day at the Tshabalala Primary School in South Africa

For many years, UTi and its people have contributed time and money to support causes both in their communities and in disadvantaged communities around the world. The UTi family has also responded to natural disasters, making major contributions that provided support to people in a time of great need. There are over 200 million orphan children around the world and over 2 billion people live in poverty. Many of these people live without a roof over their heads, clothes on their bodies, food on the table or schools to educate them. This is where our foundation makes a difference, by supporting as many communities where UTi does business as possible. We aim to provide facilities to deliver education, health services and other community infrastructure to those in need.

Unfortunately, there are many needy and disadvantaged people and communities throughout the world. While we would like to help them all, we have to recognize that we cannot and it is important we work within our vision to deliver better lives to as many people as we can.

The foundation has determined that we will provide our support in the following areas:

Uti team with Oncology Patients
UTi team providing sundaes to oncology patients in Miami
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Community Infrastructure
  • Housing

Within these four areas, we have a primary focus on children but will and do support other projects should they meet our selection criteria, subject to the availability of funds.

Our direction is clear and focused

Children La Casa Girls Refuge in Columbia
Children at La Casa Girls Refuge in Medellin, Colombia

In approaching our work in the community, it is critical we have a clear focus and direction. We know that by doing so, what we achieve will be more significant and lasting. One of the issues that confront us regularly is the terrible tragedy that natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis wreak on communities.

However, the response to natural disasters often doesn't recognize the disasters that ravage communities every day. While we are all aware of these problems, they often take second place to the immediacy of a natural disaster. These ongoing disasters are many and include HIV/AIDS, malaria, starvation and poverty. To ensure that our approach recognizes this conflict from a funding point of view and to create an environment that will allow us to respond quickly in times of disasters, the Foundation balances all of the conflicting demands to deliver the most aid possible within our available funding.

Learn more at the Delivering Better Lives website.

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