Delivering competitive advantage

UTi Worldwide Corporate Strategy


Our current strategy, CLIENTasONE is aligned with our long-standing company purpose of delivering competitive advantage to each of our clients' supply chains. CLIENTasONE explains who we are, why we do what we do, how we do it, and the end result: greater value to our clients, our people, and our shareholders as we become a market leader in "client-centricity."

Uti Worldwide Client as one Corporate Strategy

As a client-centric organization, our focus begins with identifying our client's needs and then providing them with services and solutions to meet those requirements. Our strategy is also focused on improving how we care for our people and our ability to deliver reliable service. Execution in each of these areas results in increased earnings, allowing us to reinvest in our clients and employees.

These elements are captured in the acronym CORE (Client, Organization, Reliability, Earnings). The elements of CORE are supported by corresponding core initiatives aimed at driving improvement in each area. These initiatives are as follows:

1Focus:  Activities within this core initiative are geared toward improving our ability to provide client value and drive future growth.
1Team:  This core initiative is aimed at investing in our employees through enhancing our people development, enterprise communications, and learning and development processes.
1World:  Our progress in this core initiative is allowing us to implement global standard systems and processes that improve service delivery, produce scale, drive continuous improvement, and provide a quality framework throughout the organization.

By transforming through the execution of CLIENTasONE, we are further enhancing our ability to deliver client value and improve our standing as a market leader in client-centricity.

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