Quality at UTi is a 5 Star Commitment

Uti Worldwide Quality CommitmentUTi is committed to achieving service excellence throughout our global organization. Our robust 5 Star Quality Management System (QMS) provides the infrastructure, processes, and tools that allow our people to perform at their full potential and deliver our best operational quality to clients. Our QMS is based on our company culture, the standardized application of best practices, and the conviction that empowering our people will result in meeting our goals of service excellence and leadership in client-centricity.

Utilization and maintenance of this system ensures that every transaction you have with us, no matter where in the world it occurs, is handled by a team dedicated to working together to deliver superior results to your business.

We follow globally recognized standards

The UTi 5 Star QMS is realized through the eight Quality Principles of the ISO9001:2008 standards. This is the framework we use to build improved performance. The eight Quality Principles are:

1. Leadership: Providing a work environment where our employees clearly understand company goals and a vision for the future; providing the resources to succeed.

2. Client Focus: Ensuring the company's objectives are linked to client needs and expectations; measuring customer satisfaction and acting on the results.

3. Process Approach: Focusing on and prioritizing opportunities for improvement.

4. Involvement of People: Allowing employees to enhance their knowledge, experience and competence and accept responsibility and ownership for their performance.

5. Continual Improvement: Making continual improvement of products, processes and systems an objective for every individual in the organization.

6. System Approach to Management: Providing a clear understanding of the interdependencies between processes of the system; understanding roles and responsibilities for achieving common objectives thus removing cross-functional barriers.

7. Factual Approach to Decision-Making: Ensuring that data and information are sufficiently accurate, reliable and accessible to those who need it; making decisions and taking action on factual analysis, balanced with experience and intuition.

8. Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships: Establishing relationships with key suppliers that balance short-term gains with long-term considerations; establishing joint development and improvement activities.

Our process matrix UTI Worldwide Core Quality Process and Business Processes

The following diagram depicts the relationship and interaction between the UTi Core and Support processes and the Core Business processes. The combination of these process activities converts inputs (Client Needs) into outputs (Client Satisfaction).

Our sites are held accountable to the 5 Star QMS standards based on specific requirements. Our facilities are audited on a regular basis, and the results of the audits are independently validated and checked by the Global Quality Team and referred to the executive board to achieve certification.

Quality Process and Client Benefit

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