Compliance – a case for being prepared

At UTi, we understand that in today's transport environment, global trade comes with compliance risks. An area often overlooked is import and export regulation non-compliance, which can include sanctions, fines, and the interruption or loss of privileges due to neglect or oversight. Today, compliance has never been more complex and the penalties for non-compliance have never been higher. In this increasingly complicated regulatory environment, having a proactive, comprehensive international trade compliance program is both prudent and necessary. UTi delivers this for our clients on a daily basis.

Supply Chain Compliance Challenges

The benefit of knowledge

As a client of UTi, you'll understand compliance is part of the total package. We handle the trade services you require correctly, in a timely manner and within regulatory standards. To accomplish this, we develop and manage a compliant environment for your company through a series of steps that benefit you directly. These include aligning with all the appropriate regulatory agencies in your operating countries, developing internal and external communication and awareness of initiatives that affect global trade, building tools and methods that ensure regulatory compliance is a core component of your supply chain, and driving and monitoring global regulatory compliance.

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