Preparing for the Future Supply Chain:
The Next-Generation Supply Chain and Its Leaders


The UTi Client Event Prague 2014 featured world-class presenters and experts in the fields of Preparing for the Future Supply Chain: The Next-Generation Supply Chain and Its Leaders. They also will interact with attendees in a variety of workshops, group discussions, interactive activities and one-on-one opportunities.

Current Speaker List:

Floris Evers – Performance Coach and Partner at Peak4,

In 2012, Floris was named Dutch Sportsman of the Year in Amsterdam. One of the many reasons for which he received this award was his role as team captain of the field hockey team during 2012 Olympics. At this tournament, Floris and his team won the silver medal. As he also won a silver metal during the 2004 Olympics in Athens, this was his second silver metal. In 2008 however, three weeks before the start of the Olympics in Beijing, he was told that he had not been selected for the Olympic team.

Besides his Olympic sports career, Floris studied History and earned his Master of Arts degree at the University of Amsterdam. The last few years of his professional sports career, he combined this with a job as a consultant at Boer & Croon. In that capacity, he obtained a number of certifications in the field of personal development and drivers. At this moment Floris is Performance Coach and Partner of Peak4.

Geanne Van Arkel – Head of Sustainable Development at Interface,

Geanne has a creative, strategic approach for embedding sustainablity within organizations and is working for Interface for over eleven years. She sees sustainable development as a key driver for innovation, believing full product transparency based on life cycle assessments to be the driving force. Geanne believes in cross-sectoral cooperations in the circular and biobased economy. Creating sustainable value by addressing both ecological and societal issues in inclusive business models, related to the core business of a company is the only way to thrive. Therefor she is using the principles of both biomimicry, The Natural Step and The Blue Economy. In her opinion sustainablity is about applying a new set of values so you can start to see sucess through a fresh pair of eyes. It's about redefining thew long game while being more efficient in the short - bulding a better, smarter inclusive business.

Interface is a worldwide leader in the design and production of high-quality, innovative modular floor coverings. Interface was one of the first companies to publicly commit to sustainablity, when it made a pledge in 1994 to eliminate its impact on the environment by 2020 and to become a restorative company. This goal influences every business, manufacturing and design decision made and underpins all dimensions of the company: people, process, product, place and profit. Worldwide 49% of the company's raw matericals were recycled or biobased.

His relaxed and humorous style ensures that his message is remembered long after the event.

Drs. Matt J.H. van der Poel RM Partner & CXO, Fresh Forward.

Matt van der Poel is partner & CXO (Chief eXperience Officer) at Fresh FOrward, a creative agency specialized in next level marketing and innovation. He is lecturer at the
Academy for Management in Groningen and the Nyenrode New Business School in Amsterdam.

He has written several articles about futurology, innovation and experience marketing and regularly speaks at conferences. He is also chairman of the experience marketing department of NIMA.


Michael Möglich – Director Professional Sellers,

Michael is in charge of the acquisition and scaling of B2C merchants of all sizes for eBay in Germany as well as Pricing & Price Promotions and Professional Tool Partner Management. Michael also leads several strategic innovation projects in the areas of Shipping and Local Commerce. He joined eBay in autumn 2012 after having spent four year at online retailer, where Michael worked as Senior Merchants Manager Apparel/Jewelry/Watches and later headed the Product Management team for the's Fashionvertical. Michael began his professional career at management consultancy Booz & Company. During his primarily in the telco, media and Internet industries.


Timo Kirschner – Head of Logistics, brands4friends

Timo Kirschner is currently Head of Logistics at brads4friends, a fashion-focused daughter company of eBay, and has been with the company since September 2012. Before joining eBay, Tio worked within UTi, a leading global logistics provider, managing a team that optimized the transatlantic supply chain of a major automotive customer.

Timo began his professional career at Schenker AG, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, leading international contract logistics projects for various industry verticals throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe. He holds a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

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