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The UTi Client Event Bangkok 2012 was the latest in a successful series of conferences that bring together global experts, industry professionals and UTi's senior leaders to deliver valuable lessons and insights for our clients. Here are a few comments from the participants at these events:

UTi Client Event Bangkok (September 2012)

“Interactive workshops; ability to discuss content with others to assist in own learning and understanding; networking with people from other industries as well as UTi staff were key event highlights for me.”

“Presentations from speakers were insightful and interesting.”

UTi Client Event Istanbul (May 2012)

“It was a well-prepared workshop, thanks again for the invitation. It also helped me to meet your colleagues at UTi.”

“The guest speakers provoked a lot of thought and debate and I hope the overall output of the event went some way in supporting the investment UTi made in hosting it and the associated hospitality.”

“On the boat trip we talked about charity. Reading more from the UTi website, I am impressed with your work on Delivering Better Lives, especially all the local commitment. We talked about increasing the impact of charity work.”

UTi Client Event Budapest (November 2011)

“I found the conference and the interaction with the other guests and UTi leaders (superb organization) one of the most rewarding experiences of the last few years.”

“Kudos for delivering a successful conference and sharing valuable information with your customers.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this beneficial conference and enriching my knowledge.”

“It was truly beneficial, educational, and also an enlightening experience. Your team were gracious hosts, and provided excellent speakers to help us deal with our daily jobs and problems that occur with disruptions, thanks to all the topics covered at the conference.”

UTi Client Event Charleston (May 2010)

“Well-organized event, everything transitioned seamlessly throughout the event.”

“The final result definitely exceeded my expectations not only with the quality and level of the speakers but also in the organization in general. It's a 100% for the UTi team that put it together.”

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