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UTi cordially thanks the clients and industry experts who helped to make our Bangkok client event a success! We are pleased to provide you these follow-up materials:

About the event
The UTi Client Event Bangkok 2012 was a unique and intimate event where UTi clients and industry experts gathered to explore the subject of supply chain disruptions. Like previous UTi client events, Bangkok 2012 focused on sharing best practices, networking with peers and discovering new ways to improve your supply chain.


The event was held at the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event was held 17-19 September 2012. The agenda began with a welcome reception at the hotel, followed by a city visit and dinner.

The UTi Client Event Bangkok 2012 featured:

  • Expert speakers: Attendees heard from industry leaders about the most effective strategies and tactics for managing supply chains in disruptive times.
  • Interactive sessions: Attendees participated in multiple workshops, group discussions and other dynamic and engaging activities.
  • Networking opportunities: Attendees interacted directly and informally with peers, experts and UTi senior leaders.

Today's supply chains are exposed to increasing turbulence and volatility with shortening product life-cycles and increasing uncertainty caused by global economic and competitive forces. Natural disasters, unstable financial markets and rising fuel prices provide increasing risks that justify a reassessment of supply chain decisions.

Many companies are exposed to risks and disruptions such as:

  • Financial crisis/recession
  • Currency exchange
  • Fuel price fluctuations
  • Legislation/compliance
  • War/terrorism
  • Industrial unrest/strikes
  • Labor shortages
  • Natural disasters/epidemics
  • Technology failure
  • Infrastructure congestion

Questions answered during the event included:

  • What can we learn from some major disruptions in recent years?
  • Are today's lean and extended global supply chains robust enough to withstand the impact of a disruption? Is yours?
  • What actions can you take to minimize risks to your supply chain?
  • How can you make your supply chain more agile and responsive to quickly adapt to market changes?
  • What can you learn from other companies and how they dealt with disruptions? What worked well and what did not?

Participants enjoyed this unique opportunity to:

  • Gain insights into measures that leading companies took during the recent financial crisis and disruptions like the Japanese earthquake and Icelandic volcano
  • Learn how to assess your supply chain's vulnerabilities and capabilities, and what you can do to make your supply chain more robust and agile
  • Learn how 3PLs can support your company in preparing for and getting through a crisis
  • Share the impact of current challenges and pressures on your supply chain
  • Learn from global experts and network with a select group of senior supply chain executives

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