Driving Dynamic Decision-Making
in Your Supply Chains


The UTi Client Event Amsterdam 2013 featured world-class presenters and experts in the fields of decision-making and supply chain management. They also interacted with attendees in a variety of workshops, group discussions, interactive activities and one-on-one opportunities.

Current Speaker List:

Arjen de Ruiter – Team manager Software Development at bol.com.

 Arjen de Ruiter is a team manager Software Development at bol.com. The team which he is responsible for create solutions in the areas:

  • - Search
  • - Customer Centric Selling
  • - Reporting & analytics

The common elements of the teams Arjen manages is Big Data, Performance and Scalability.

Andrew Horton – Entrepreneur, Master Teacher, Radio and TV Host,
Global Traveler and Author.

He is an international professional speaker, very successful entrepreneur, expert and master teacher, who guides people to positively shift their behaviour, so that they can maximise their performance. He is the author of The Leadership Toolkit and Wot the (Bleep) Now. He also hosts a weekly TV series called the Empower Half Hour on DSTV. He is currently enrolled for his PHD where he is researching human development and how small shifts in behaviour, results in massive changes in results.

Andrew is an expert who speaks, and teaches business professionals how to become great successes, helping them to mobilise every asset and resource at their disposal for the benefit of all stakeholders.

His relaxed and humorous style ensures that his message is remembered long after the event.

Robert Mansour Robert is founder and managing partner of TopBI, one of the leading Business Intelligence consultancies in the Netherlands. He has been professionally active in the Business Intelligence domain for more than 20 years, a large part of which was spent as senior management consultant and project manager for a broad variety of local and international clients.

Robert's focus is on making Business Intelligence initiatives practical and successful from both business and IT perspective. Business success for BI means having relevant information readily accessible and doing projects based on healthy business cases, while keeping time-to-market short. IT success for BI means creating stable and manageable solutions, and adding value while doing so. There are some conflicts of interest between business and IT, and modern best practices for BI projects aim to solve these conflicts.

Robert Mansour (1967) studied Mathematics and Computer Science (MSc) at the Delft University of Technology, and Financial Business Management MBA at Webster University.

Karin Sanders – PhD is Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at the Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

PhD is Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at the Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Moreover Karin is director of the Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE; UNSW). She has an appointment at the University Twente, the Netherlands, and is coordinator of a large research program focusing on the antecedents of informal learning activities of employees. Her research focuses on the process approach of HRM, in particular the impact of employees' perceptions and attributions of HRM on their attitudes and behaviors. In addition to this Karin is interested in evidence-based decision making, and is part of the evidence-based management network. Her research has been published in psychology and management journals such scholarly outlets as the Academy of Management Learning & Education, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Organizational Studies, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, and Group and Organization Management. Together with Dr. Helen Shipton and Dr. Jorge Gomes she is the guest editor for a special issue of Human Resource Management titled "Are HRM processes important?" Together with Julie Cogin and Hugh Bainbridge she edits a text book about Research Methods in Human Resource Management Research (Routlegde). She is associate editor of Evidence Based HRM.

Karin Sanders, School of Management, Australian School of Business, University New South Wales, Sydney NSW 2052, Australia; phone:  +61 2  61 2 9385 7143; Email: k.sanders@unsw.edu.au

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